The Best Video Games Based on Comics

Best Comic Book Themed Games

Comic books became popular in the 1930 in the USA and the UK. Over the course of history they grew and it turned into an industry. Nowadays you can see how much comic books are involved into our lives. Especially in movies based on comic books and in comic book video games. Their popularity is immense, and people readily recognize famous characters from movies, which leads to excellent marketing opportunities. Take, for example, the online gambling industry that uses these famous personalities in their games. Give some of them a try with this exclusive 55 slot spins deal from the renowned game creators at Microgaming. Comic book based movies are on the rise. Hollywood is using the comic book script archive to find inspiration for upcoming movies.

On the other hand, comic book video games are extremely popular amongst newer and older generations too. They’ve already got a reputation and a crowd, since most of comic book fans are gamers too, so it is a win-win situation. Every way you look at it, comic books are fun to read, even more fun to play games based on them. People just can’t seem to get enough of them and it is guaranteed to last a couple of more years now.

Comic Book Themed Online Casino Games

In the text above we mentioned how popular comic book video games are, however, we didn’t mention that a popular genre amongst them are comic book themed casino games. Since comic books are the hottest theme our right now it is only natural that they are used in casino games as well. You can find your favorite comic book characters as a part of an online casino. They are used in all of the popular casino games, but mainly in slots games. Have a peek at these guys for the ultimate collection of slots games on the internet. What’s more, this online casino will give you a decent bonus so that you can try out many of the games for free before deciding on your favorites.

It is very fun and exciting to see all your favorite childhood heroes merging with some of your favorite games. Not only that, but these casinos offer great bonuses too. For example in a legal casino, you can get your hands on a no deposit casino bonus. This means that you get a bonus as soon as you sign up and register as a user for that casino. No deposit needed, they give you a chance to play with their money and make some of your own while having fun. In addition, they also offer free spins to make it more interesting. However, if you are about to start playing for real money, we are here to help you discover the best deposit and withdrawal options at, offering you multiple payment methods with a comprehensive explanation on how to use them.

The Best Comic Books Based on Famous Games

In the previous text we mentioned that there are comic book video games, however many of you don’t know that there are also comic books based on video games. Yes, that is sometimes the case too. It just so happens that a video game can have a storyline that is very good and it deserves to have a comic book version. It is almost the same link as before, comic book readers are usually gamers so they don’t mind having their favorite games turned into comics and vice versa.

Some of the popular game titles that have been turned into a comic book include: Left 4 Dead, Mass Effect, The Last of Us, Halo and of course the mega popular The Witcher. All of these are simply amazing as they show how much quality and hard work was put into those comic books. With an incredible detailing and character development, these writers and artists put their best into the comic books. Essentially, the comic book artists tried to capture the whole essence of the video game when they made a comic book version of it. In all of these examples they’ve hit the bull’s-eye, so if you haven’t had a chance to read them, we strongly recommend you do.

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