The Best Comic Books Ever Written

Each person has in their head. What are the best comics in history and everyone has their reason? Although there are always quality standards in art, it is clear that several very different aspects influence the comic, such as script, drawing, inking, and color. It is generally different authors who deal with each of these sections, although in some cases there is a complete author figure who narrates the story with his scripts and drawings.

It is challenging to say what works you have liked most, often depending on the moment, your mood and the time when they were made. Sometimes the influence of that work is also valued, or in second readings it may gain a lot of bodies. I have dared to make a top 10 of the best comics that have been published of all time.

For a comic lover, the most challenging thing to do would be to tell which comic book is his favorite or which one is the best of all time. There so many great ones with incredible stories and mind-blowing issues and every single comic book represents a different approach so the reader can discover many more famous and quality titles, often considered as favorites. Here you have the best 10 comic books ever written that are worth reading.

  1. Watchmen (1986) – A nuclear war between the United States and the USSR threatens. The goaltenders retired superheroes, resurface under Rorschach’s directive.
  1. Dragon Ball (1984) – Son Goku, a strange child living alone in the forest, meets Bulma and decides to follow her around the world in search of 7 crystal balls called Dragon Ball.
  1. Hellboy II: The Cursed Golden legions (2008) – After an old truce established between humans and the realm of fantastic creatures has been broken, Hell On Earth is ready to emerge.
  1. Calvin and Hobbes (1985) – The humorous adventures of Calvin, an imaginative six-year-old, and Hobbes, his sarcastic stuffed tiger.
  1. Superman #156: The Last Days of Superman – Once Upon a time, in a distant, distant time, one could read beautiful stories of Superman. Long before DC You, and before the epic death of the typical character of the American publisher, Alan Moore had already killed him a few years earlier in a story that marked the end of a role, an era, before his return marking under John Byrne’s magic pencils.
  1. Daredevil #290: Bullseye – Bullseye is a supervillain evolving in the Marvel universe of the publishing house Marvel Comics. Created by the writers John Romita Sr. and Marv Wolfman and cartoonist Bob Brown, the fictional character first appeared in the comic book Daredevil #131 in March 1976.
  1. Batman Adventures #3: The Joker’s Late-Night Lunacy – Sean Murphy revealed that the Joker in White Knight has the real name Jack Napier, a reminder of Tim Burton’s 1989 film Batman, where the Joker played by Jack Nicholson also bears the name. The 1989 film, with Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy, also inspired Murphy to design the Batmobile in White Knight. One of the sub-plots where the antagonists use an icy Ray to wrap part of Gotham City in ice is a reference to the 1997 film Batman & Robin.
  1. Amazing Spider-Man #33: The Final Chapter (1963) – The Amazing Spider-Man is a comic book published by Marvel Comics, dedicated to the character of Spider-Man. The Amazing Spider-Man is considered to be the central comic book of Spider-Man’s adventures. The majority of Spider-Man’s characters and villains have been introduced to this series of comics. Similarly, the majority of significant events in Spider life occurred in this comic.
  1. V for Vendetta (1999) – In a fascist England, only a mysterious vigilante, wearing a theater mask and calling himself V, is trying to resist dictatorship.
  1. Batman: The Dark Knight Returns (1986) – Batman’s old, he’s in pain, bitter. And yet, he will live his greatest adventure, the one that will propel him back to the top. We’re in Gotham in the near future. The big two are on the verge of another nuclear war. Gangs rule. Superheroes have been banned. Only Superman remains, but he sold his soul and is now only the armed arm of the White House. It’s been ten years since the “bat-signal” lit up the sky. Batman’s going to give up his cape for one last fight.
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