Watchmensch- By Rich Johnston

I’m sure most of you are familiar with Rich Johnston and his website: Bleeding Cool. If not, you should definitely head over there now for your one-stop shop of comic industry reportage, op/ed, and guest columns.

What you may not know is that Rich also wrote a really funny Watchmen parody called Watchmensch.

I met Rich over at SDCC and he offered to send the script over to the Archive– but post-SDCC ended up being a much busier time than I’d expected so it got lost in the shuffle– Luckily, after Andy Diggle’s very kind Twitter, Rich contacted me with the script and here you have it!

Don’t take it too seriously, I realize that it’s Watchmen, so some Alan Moore fans might get a bit prickly about “the greatest comic ever” being parodied– just take a cue from Dave Gibbons and have some fun with it:

“I laughed out loud at Watchmensch. Several times, in fact — and the climactic scene is more awesome than any squid!” – Dave Gibbons

Of course, while you’re having fun with it, you just might notice that it digs a little deeper– As Valerie D’Orazio over at Occasional Superheroine points out:

I always initially cringe a little bit when I see comic book parodies. I think I get flashbacks to buying the Ren and Stimpy parody “Rank and Stinky” for 25 cents in the cast-off bins, and still feeling I was ripped off, used, and left with no phone call the next day.

But Watchmensch, from Brain Scan Studios, is a different animal (possibly a mollusk of some sort) entirely. For Watchmensch is actually an allegory about the rift between Watchmen creator Alan Moore and DC Comics — and, by extension, a meditation on the issue of creator’s rights.

If you’re intrested in picking up a copy, head over to the Watchmensch site!

And here’s the script:

Watchmench by Rich Johnston

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