B. Clay Moore: Jackie Karma #2!

Ten years back, Jackie Karma and his man Marcus King kept the streets of NYC clean Golden Lion-style. Times change, and now Jackie’s gone lawyer while Marcus is a community activist. But when a stone-cold pimp threatens to flood the streets with smack, Jackie and Marcus stop hitting the books and start hitting the bricks to save the city the only way they know how…with hot, bad-ass kung-fu fury.

Lucked out today hanging out on one of the forums when none other than Mr. B. Clay Moore showed up to school some fools on the art of the pitch–
(Actually, he was really helpful and not so “school-y”– it’s just fun to say!)

Also if you’re a fan of Hawaiian Dick (a book that gets a HIGH recommend from me) I’ve got good news! According to BCM, some film stuff might be happening and would involve him more in the production end.
Keep your fingers crossed!

So, onto the our script!

Mr. Moore was kind enough to swing us over the script for Jackie Karma- Chapter 2, which originally appeared in issue #2 of ’76, published by Image. Hopefully you own this issue, but if not, BCM’s got’cha covered and you can read The Complete Jackie Karma (so far) right here!

(C’mon now, Free comic!)

For you writers out there, you should think about doing a script to panel comparison– For artists, it might be cool to download the script and take a whack at a page, then swing over to see how artist Ed Tadem handled it.

I’ve just briefly scanned through the script, but something that immediately jumps out to me (that you should take note of) is the sparseness of the panel descriptions. I see a lot scripts packed with visual information (Everyone begins wanting to be Alan Moore, right?) but at some point you’ve got to let your artist do their job.
You’ll note that BCM “sets the stage” with his location/descriptions in panel one, but from there, he’s mostly describing the action in short stabs.
This 12 page chapter runs at 15 pages of script. That’s worth noting.

Here’s the script: Jackie Karma – Chapter 2

Big round of applause for Mr. B. Clay Moore!!

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