Comic Book Script Archive V/2 – Powered by Comics Experience!!

Hi Gang!

Really happy to announce that the Comic Book Script Archive has partnered with Comics Experience!!

Comics Experience is a workshop founded by Andy Schmidt— who, if you don’t know, has edited or written for most major comic publishers. Andy’s a guy who is the “Experience” in Comics Experience.

I’ve been a member of the Workshop for awhile now– and it’s helped me immensely as a writer. Although I can’t give many details on it right now, I do have an announcement coming soon  that probably wouldn’t have been possible without the guidance and professional notes I received at CE.

Here’s the full press break from Comics Experience:

We’re pleased to announce a new alliance between Comics Experience and the Comic Book Script Archive, showcasing nearly 100 comic book scripts written by some of the biggest names in the comics industry.

The Comic Book Script Archive was founded several years ago by Tim Simmons because he couldn’t find a good online resource for comic book scripts. Eventually, he decided to make one and the Comic Book Script Archive was the result.

“I’ve been a member of Comics Experience’s Creators Workshop for a long time,” said Tim Simmons, “and the script archive was always intended as an educational resource, so I’m pleased to now have it associated with Comics Experience.”

Andy Schmidt, founder of Comics Experience and a former Marvel and IDW Editor, added, “This alliance is a natural step for us. One of the most common questions I receive is ‘how should I format my script?’ Now, I can point new creators to this great resource of donated scripts.”

The two groups will work together to build on and expand the script archive. One immediate new addition is the Comics Experience Script Template, created by CE alum Paul Allor, which is based on the format Andy suggests in his Intro to Writing courses.

In addition, Andy has contributed scripts he has written himself for BOOM! Studios and IDW, including the scripts to his creator-owned series Five Days to Die.

The Comic Book Script Archive may be accessed right here or via the new “Scripts” menu item on

If you are a pro writer for one of the top comics publishers and you’d like to donate a script, please contact Tim at or Comics Experience at

So, what’s this mean immediately for you guys? Well, happy to say that it’s all good! First off, you’ll notice the “Scripts” section looks WAY more professional. No more crazy formatting issues, random italicized words, and all the links will work!

Second, and this is the good part: Andy is going to bring his rolodex of writer contacts into the CBSA mix! What’s that mean? MORE SCRIPTS! 

So for you, loyal Comic Book Script Archive’r– this is tremendously good news.

So, head over to the scripts section and check out the new layout there– dig a little into the Comic Experience stuff as well!

Onward and Upward!!

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