ALAN MOORE: YOUNGBLOOD scripts and notes

Heya gang!

So kind of a big one today. We’ve got (what I believe to be) the near complete collection of Alan Moore’s YOUNGBLOOD series. Though only two issues (to my knowledge) were produced of this series, we actually have scripts for issues 2 through 7– plus Alan’s original notes for the book.


Although Alan’s work with Awesome will probably be most remembered for his run on SUPREME, he did some really interesting work on YOUNGBLOOD as well– although, again, it’s hard to gauge as only two issues were released. But at least now we can see what might have been.

The scripts and proposal are scanned PDFs from a faxed document, so while the quality isn’t the greatest, I think it is outweighed by the historical significance. Not to be too high brow about it, but they do represent a “lost work” of a comic book master.

Volumes have been written about Mr. Moore’s scripting style, so I’m going to forgo my usual script format analysis and just let you guys dig in.

If anyone knows where we might find a script copy of issue 1, please let me know. The completest in me would love to have the full run available for you to read.

And if reading these script tickles your urge for more Youngblood, check out what’s available over at Comixology.

As always, you can find the scripts here, or just nab them from below:

  • Youngblood #2 (PDF)
  • Youngblood #3 (PDF)
  • Youngblood #4 (PDF)
  • Youngblood #5 (PDF)
  • Youngblood #6 (PDF)
  • Youngblood #7 (PDF)
  • Youngblood Script Notes (PDF)
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