I received an email from one of our readers with a question about the NIGHTWING #8 script by Kyle Higgins.

Naturally, I reached out to Kyle with the question, and he was kind enough to turn around an answer very quickly!

In the Nightwing #8 script written by Kyle Higgins, I saw a few things that had me wondering…
Kyle uses (V.O) for dialogue, and I am guessing that it means Voice Over. Can you please clarify that for me. He also uses (Caption) for dialogue, so this is why I am a little confused because I thought (V.O.) was Kyle’s version of caption.
My next question is… what is a Dynamic shot as seen in 17.3 of his script.
Here’s Kyle’s response:

Hey! Actually, the caption VS voice over is a thing I do. For Nightwing, voice over always stems from Dick Grayson. Captions CAN stem from Dick Grayson… but not always. Most of the time, when I’m using captions in Dick’s dialogue, it’s a continuation of a line onto the next page. So, the line will have quotes around it. For example:

So is that what you really mean? Because, after all…
“…we both know how this ends.”
Voice over doesn’t include quotes. It’s literally Dick’s thoughts. Make sense? A lot of people just use CAPTION for all of this… but it’s the screenwriter in me that differentiates. 
And yes– “dynamic shot” means “make this as super fucking cool as you can.” 
Big thanks to Kyle for clearing this up! You can show your support for Mr. Higgins by picking up a copy of his NEW series: Batman Beyond 2.0! It’s only 99 cents on Comixology!
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