Panel 1: The Numbers

4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42…no, not those numbers! But the “mysterious” numbers that appeared next to character names in the JMS script (if you had time to nab that before it was taken down)– Our cryptic numbers also appear in Mike Costa’s Hawksmoor script– So what gives?

Well, opening up our letter box is a  “No-Prize” worthy message from Varisty Intern Alex:
(Ok, our “Letter box” is really just my email inbox…but it sounds less like the bullpen when you say “inbox”!)

Anyhow, here’s Alex:

“Over at Devil’s Due, I would get scripts and inked pages as JPEGS from the editor.  I would layout where I think wordballons/captions should go on the inked pages using a red Sharpie or on Photoshop.  I include those numbers to corresponding wordballoons/captions.  After the editor approved my suggestions, we’d send the wordballoon placement pages off to the letterer.

Then the letterer would look at the script and match those numbers to the ones on the wordballon placement pages on the final art.  It makes the letterer’s job easier given the pure speed and volume they have to work with.

Of course, those numbers help when working with others on a comic.  If you’re lettering pages yourself on an indie project, then numbers probably wouldn’t be as useful.”

So there you have it. The cryptic case of the mysterious numbers has been solved! 
Thanks very much Alex, and keep a look out for your No-Prize!

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