Panel 1: Wally Wood’s 22 panels that always work

I’ve been meaning to post this up for some time. I’m sure a few of you out there have seen it before, but it’s always good to have a copy around.
Also, I’ve gotten a few emails from artists who have been visiting the archive looking for sample scripts to beef up their sequential portfolio– so, I’d think will be very helpful for them.

This is Wally Wood‘s 22 panel that always work:

(click on it to see a full res version)

Looking over it, I think you’ll agree: those are 22 panels that you have seen many times– and indeed, they do work.

For writers: It’s generally agreed that it is considered a bit rude to compose/call out each and every shot on your script. Artists get a little prickly about that (and rightfully so) because you’re shackling their creativity– and comics are a collaborative effort– that said, your job as a writer is to clearly convey the image you see in your head to your artist; so it’s important to create a “language” between you and your artist. If that’s the case, Wally Wood just gave you 22 words to start with.

Study it, send it over to artists, talk about it: where have you seen the same panels in different films and comics? Use it as a brainstorming workout- I’m sure many of you immediately attempted to create a storyline out of the panels– go with that, or just choose one.

Print it out! And don’t worry if you lose it, I’ll keep it safe on the archive for you!

New Scripts coming soon!!

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